KMC Controls Announces Release of Dual Ethernet Port Conquest Controllers

KMC Controls, a leader in building automation systems, announced the release of its new KMC Conquest Ethernet-equipped BACnet controllers. The newest models feature dual Ethernet ports for enhanced IP connectivity.

The release of the dual-port Ethernet model is a planned extension of the Conquest platform designed to connect building automation systems to the Internet of Things.

KMC Conquest

KMC Conquest direct digital controllers (DDC) are fully programmable, native BACnet-protocol controllers with integrated alarming, trending and scheduling that maintain logic and data at the network edge. KMC Conquest controllers arealso equipped with near field communication (NFC) technology, allowing field configuration via the KMC Connect Lite mobile app.The addition of the Ethernet option allows them to be easily integrated directly onto a buildings IT backbone.

KMC is committed to leveraging the full potential of the Conquest architecture to meet new market opportunities presented by the Internet of Things,” said Erich Kreuter, VP of Product Development. “Advanced sensing options, edge device management and IP connectivity are expanding at an unprecedented rate. Conquest controllers are the optimal edge devices for making a building IoT-ready.

Parties interested in speaking with the development team may contact KMC Controls

About KMC Controls

Founded in 1969, KMC Controls is an American manufacturer of open, secure and scalable building automation solutions. From secure hardware devices to smart, connected software, KMC delivers embedded intelligence and optimized control.

KMC is committed to providing industry-leading, Internet of Things-enabled automation solutions with leading tech suppliers to increase comfort and convenience and to help reduce energy usage.

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