KMC Controls Expands IoT Offering with TOSIBOX

NEW PARIS, Ind., November 11, 2020 KMC Controls has is happy to announce that they are adding TOSIBOX products to their robust product catalog. TOSIBOXs commitment to secure, open, scalable, affordable operational infrastructure solutions for the building automation industry closely align with KMC Controls core values.

TOSIBOX simplifies the internet of things (IoT) by offering, easy-to-install, secure infrastructure technology, which can be deployed in minutes rather than days. Thus, giving building administrators, operators, and technical staff the tools they need to remotely and securely manage technical devices such as building automation systems (BAS).

“KMC is proud to partner with a company as committed to innovation in the building automation industry as our own, said Erich Kreuter, vice president of product development at KMC Controls. He continued, After only briefly introducing TOSIBOXs secure remote access technology to our customers, we have already seen great interest. We werent surprised by this interest because KMC had already leveraged the technology internally.

After the onset of COVID-19, KMC Controls had to quickly shift their training classes from in-person to an online format, while maintaining the same level of training excellence to which their system integrators had become accustomed. To accomplish this difficult mission, KMC utilized TOSIBOXs secure remote access technology.

Building a global brand in a competitive world takes great technology, great timing and great partnerships. Our partnership with KMC Controls continues Tosiboxs alignment with the best and brightest in the global Building Automation industry. Our mutual commitment and service to the contractor and System Integrator community is the perfect starting point to a great partnership.

Furthermore, through this relationship KMCs system integrators can now offer to their customers across their territories this first-of-its-kind IoT technology. KMC Controls is proud to offer the TOSIBOX alongside the KMC Commander. The KMC Commander is designed to help businesses affordably solve immediate problems while providing a long-term solution for their IoT strategy. The Commander is the perfect answer to help optimize energy usage, increase operational efficiency, maximize occupant comfort, and ensure a safer environment.

About KMC Controls
Founded in 1969, KMC Controls is an American manufacturer of open, secure, and scalable IoT and building automation solutions. From secure hardware devices to smart and connected software, KMC delivers embedded intelligence and optimized control. KMC is committed to providing innovative and intuitive solutions from responsive and supportive people.

About Tosibox

Tosibox has taken connectivity and made it simple. TOSIBOX solution is a game changer for secure OT networking, remote maintenance and network management. The award-winning TOSIBOX products are developed and manufactured in Finland and used in more than 150 countries.


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