KMC to attend Realcomm IBCon 2016

KMC Controls, an independent American manufacturer of building automation and control solutions, is participating in the Realcomm IBCon conference in San Jose, California, June 21-23, 2016.

Richard Newberry, Strategic Advisor to KMC’s Board of Directors, was appointed to a second term on Realcomm IBCon’s Advisory Council in February, as well as to the Pre-Summit Integrator Panel. Newberry has led corporate development, new product innovation and competitive strategy for KMC since 2014. He currently leads KMC’s collaboration with Intel and Dell in developing the KMC Commander – a complete IoT platform for building automation that forms an end-to-end solution, from edge sensors and devices to cloud-based, remote management applications.

KMC launched the Commander platform at the AHR Expo in January 2016. The company will be exhibiting its new technology at Realcomm IBCon, along with software partner J2 Innovations. Both are members of the Project Haystack Organization – a collaborative community of companies addressing the challenge of utilizing semantic modeling and tagging to streamline the interchange of data among different systems, devices, equipment and software applications for cost-efficient intelligent buildings.

“The Commander platform from KMC offers network device discovery and smart tagging via Haystack so device managers can easily group sensors and enable smart reporting for their buildings,” said Newberry. “It is an integral part of our IoT smart buildings plan.”

About KMC Controls

Founded in 1969, KMC Controls is an American manufacturer of open, secure and scalable building automation solutions. From secure hardware devices to smart and connected software, KMC delivers embedded intelligence and optimized control.

KMC is committed to providing industry-leading, Internet of Things-enabled automation solutions with leading tech suppliers to increase comfort and convenience and to help reduce energy usage.

KMC Controls: Building Genius from the edge to the cloud.