BrainBox AI

Deliver Smart, Autonomous Buildings with BrainBox AI
with Recurring Revenue

AI for Commercial HVAC Systems

Commercial buildings need to reduce emissions, energy, costs and improve comfort. BrainBox AI helps on all fronts.

Connecting BrainBox AI to an existing commercial HVAC optimizes the system and leads to better overall performance. Buildings with BrainBox AI installed can typically see a reduction in the building’s greenhouse gas emissions between 20 – 40%. With sustainability and decarbonization becoming more of a building owner’s focus, the BrainBox AI service will help achieve these sustainability goals. An optimized HVAC system also leads to a reduction in energy usage by up to 25% and leads to fewer hot/cold calls from tenants, allowing the facility team to focus on other crucial projects.

BrainBox AI delivers a win for the owner, facility team and tenants, and it also delivers financial benefits to the system integrators that sell and install the service. When the building utilizing the BrainBox AI service enters autonomous mode, the seller receives a recurring revenue stream for the life of the contract.

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