CopperTree Analytics

Giving you the tools to optimize building performance

An AI building analytics software solution

With CopperTree, you get more than just data. We deliver a comprehensive AI building analytics solution, consisting of an Energy Information System (EIS) and a Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) platform with integrated system performance auditing. Kaizen leverages a robust Data Acquisition infrastructure capable of integrating with Building Automation Systems (BAS), energy metering solutions, and enterprise-level platforms.

Our Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) Software-as-Service (SaaS) gives you the power to optimize your building’s performance and continuously improve it. Our automated FDD SaaS features pinpoint where faults are occurring within your facility, allowing you to take resolving action immediately and oftentimes remotely, saving you time and valuable resources. Most organizations have set ambitious targets to manage and reduce their energy usage and to measure and report their sustainability metrics. With a lack of easy-to-use and automated tools to help Energy Managers and Sustainability Professionals do their jobs, the task is often overwhelming or nearly impossible. Kaizen Energy allows users to gain full control of the energy they use and make informed decisions on the best and most effective ways to save! Kaizen Energy, our Energy Information System (EIS) platform, has portfolio-level and building-level energy management capabilities including powerful energy baselining, multiple resource metering, and interactive views with flexible perspectives.

KMC Commander, CopperTree Analytics and Environmental, Social and Governance

During this webinar we:


Discuss the what and the why of ESG

Give an overview of what ESG is

Talk a little bit about KMC Commander

Discuss data aggregation and data democratization.

Discuss how analytics can be used to measure your ESG

Talk about how you can use CopperTree as a monitoring tool that goes above and beyond